Are these diffusers safe for my pets? - Yes! Your pets will not be harmed in any way by these diffusers as all they emit is a harmless water vapor. 


How are these diffusers better for the environment? - Unlike a traditional scented candle, these diffusers have no restrictions on how you use them and how long you leave it running. When a candle is being burned, it releases toxic chemicals into the environment whereas our diffusers emit no such toxins. And when the diffuser runs out, all you have to do is simply fill it back up with water which is a much simpler and faster process than burning a new candle.


Is the mist from the diffuser hot? - No! Our diffusers emit a very harmless water vapor that produces no heat. It is perfectly safe to touch the mist exiting the diffuser.


Is it safe for asthmatics? - Depending on the severity of your asthma, an essential oil diffuser is safe as long as you use small amounts of essential oils. Adding an excessive amount of essential oil to your diffusers could worsen asthma symptoms. It is recommended to only add 2 to 3 drops of essential oil into a full diffuser. If you have asthma and are worried about using our diffusers, consult a medical professional.


How do diffusers work? - Our diffusers work by creating ultrasonic waves in the water which breaks up the essential oils and water into microscopic particles which is released into the air as a water vapor. The scent from the essential oils then spread around the room creating a pleasant smell for you to enjoy. 


Is it safe for new borns? - Our diffusers are safe for new born babies as long as the correct essential oils are used. Since a new borns' lungs are not fully developed, certain essential oils would be considered unsafe to use around them. Make sure to research if your chosen essential oil will be safe for your baby. Alternatively, you can fill the diffuser with water and no essential oils.


Do you have a refund policy? - Yes! We have a 30-day money back guarantee